FSSAI Requirements for our Food Business

FSSAI Requirements for our Food Business


FSSAI refers to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is in charge of maintaining and overseeing the quality of food produced by the Indian food industry. All the food business operators are required to comply with FSSAI’s guidelines. Every food business operator must first obtain a food license by meeting the FSSAI’s requirements

Types of FSSAI License

There are three types of FSSAI licenses. Each differs in terms of the scope and volume of food business activity.

1.    FSSAI Basic Registration

Basic registration is done by businesses working on a small scale. For instance, small-scale manufacturers, storage facilities, retailers, marketers, distributors opt for this license. The annual turnover of such businesses is usually Rs. 12 lakhs or less. 

2.    FSSAI State License

A state license is required for small to medium-sized food manufacturers, storage facilities, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors. Annual turnover of such businesses is usually more than Rs. 12 lakhs but less than Rs. 20 crores. 

3.    FSSAI Central License

This form of license is sought by large-scale food manufacturers, storage facilities, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, and other food company operators with a multi-state presence. Food businesses having yearly sales of more than 20 crores opt for this license.

Benefits of FSSAI license

Having an FSSAI license helps in the profitability and credibility of a food business. The benefits of FSSAI license are as follows:

1.    Avoid Legal Repercussions

Many food business operators consider acquiring an FSSAI license to be a costly, time-consuming process. Hence, they avoid the tedious documentation process. But the procedure for acquiring the FSSAI license should not be avoided at any cost. For instance, if a food business operator runs a food business without obtaining the correct FSSAI license, he may be convicted and required to pay a penalty of Rs. 5 lakhs. Estartindia can assist you with obtaining the license as soon as possible. 

2.    Build Goodwill and Ensure Credibility

It is extremely difficult to market new eateries or food businesses in the initial stages. Every new food business is surrounded by suspicions. The business may be attacked by allegations about 

  • possibility of food adulteration

  • use of cheap and dangerous products

  • use of toxic chemicals

  • unsanitary methods of preparations

Having an FSSAI license will shield your business against such allegations. Acquiring the license is proof of the best possible practices are adopted in production. One may creatively use the FSSAI logo in their products to publicize the better quality of your products over other products. The FSSAI license not only certifies that products are safe to consume but also it has no harmful repercussions. It helps in building goodwill of the products in the market and ensures consumers about the safety of products.

3.    Develop and Protect Quality of Food Products

The FSSAI license is only obtained after proper verification. Extensive verification is done and demands standardization and the highest quality of output. Every ingredient used in the production of the food product is examined. In addition, the verification process may reveal any flaws in your food product which can be corrected to increase product safety and quality. Thus, verification ensures that the highest quality of processing is done to your food product. 

4.    Make Expansion Seamless

If one plans to expand his business in the food industry, one needs to have a proper FSSAI license. Expansion can be done in the same state or another part of the country. The marketing team can use the FSSAI logo to promote its products. The marketing strategy can help to capture a larger market share in new business locations. The logo can help inculcate trust in your services and portray your goodwill. New customers will be more likely to purchase from your business once they see the FSSAI accreditation attached to your business operation. Most importantly, a food license is useful in assisting food business operators in obtaining bank loans and funds for expansion. 


FSSAI license is essential to run your food business smoothly without any interruptions. FSSAI guidelines must be strictly followed by food business operators to maintain their goodwill. If you are a food business operator and wish to take your business to the next level, get in touch with our experienced team of experts at eStartIndia.


Mili Rawat
B.A.LLB(Hons.) from National Law Institute University, Bhopal.

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