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Trade License

Trade License is required for every business or trade to carry out the operations within the local municipality. 

A Trade license is a certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation, permitting an applicant to carry out a particular trade/business which is indicated in its application. No other rights are created out of the license, such as a claim on the property, or the ability to engage in some other activity which was not specified in the application.

Trade licenses were required in order to effectively regulate businesses and ensure that no other person is severely affected due to the creation of nuisance or health hazards in the course of operation of the business.


Every State usually requires a business to apply for a license at least 30 days before commencing operations and requires the license to be prominently reviewed once obtained.

How can we apply for a trade license in Delhi?

A Trade license is a certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation, permitting an applicant to carry out a particular trade/business which is indicated in its application.

In Delhi, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is authorized to issue the trade license.

Why we need to obtain Trade License

Trade License is required to protect businesses from damages or injuries that occur the business actions or doings. The various types of trade licenses provide different kinds of protection. It ensures that the person is not carrying out any unethical business practices. A license protects the owner of the business against certain types of liability.

Documents Required For Trade License

Every state has slightly differing Rules & Regulations for the application of license, and as such the list of documents required tends to vary from State to State. However, a general list is given for reference (illustrative).

  • Application in the prescribed format.

  • Address Proof And Identity Proof- Individual.

  • Affidavit.

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership Deed.

  • Canceled Cheque and Bank Statement.

  • Rental Agreement (in case the premises are rented, otherwise, proof of ownership).

  • Consent letter from the owner of the place of business.

  • Latest Municipality  Property Tax Receipt.

  • Address proof of directors.

  • PAN of the entity.

  • NOC from the land-owning agencies etc.

  • A certified layout plan of your trade building showing the business, working areas, etc.

  • Sanction Plan.

  • Occupancy Certificate.

Documents required for renewal of a trade license:

  • Address Proof and Identity Proof.

  • Original License Copy.

  • Old receipt.

  • Application for renewal of a license.

Documents required for a duplicate trade license:

  • First Information Report (FIR).

  • Indemnity Bond in the prescribed format.

Consult us now for our service, and we shall get back to you after mining through the applicable regulations and let you know which documents you need for a trade license in your State!

Registration Process

Trade License Registration Process

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Step 1

Sign up for our service in order to obtain the Trade License

Step 2

We will get back to you with a list of documents required for the same, after checking which category your business falls within and as applicable in the jurisdiction of your shop/establishment

Step 3

You will send us the documents required

Step 4

We process the same with the Licensing Department of the concerned Municipal Authority, delivering a basic acknowledgment from the same to you

Step 5

A hard copy of the license shall be issued within 10 working days of filing the application



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What are the qualifications to apply for a License?

The applicant of a License must not be minor, must not have had any prior criminal records and should be applying for a business that is legally permissible.

What are the different kinds of licenses?

There are prominently three kinds of licenses –

  • Industries License, which is required for small, medium and large scale manufacturers;
  • Shop License, which is required for dangerous (sale of firewood, firecrackers, etc.) or offensive (dhobi, barbers, etc) trades,
  • Food Establishment License, which is required for businesses dealing with food products, such as bakeries, restaurants, hotels, etc.
When can a Trade license be revoked?

Licenses may be revoked if the conditions of the license are violated, or due to complaints received by the Municipal Corporation from the neighbors of the business.

When must a License be applied for?

Every business must apply for a license 30 days before commencement of work.

What are the fees for obtaining such license?

Fees for the issuance of such license vary from State to State. Leave this part of the research on us by signing up for service!

What is the penalty for not obtaining such license?

The penalties for not getting a license to vary from State to State. Furthermore, running an unapproved trade is an offense, which may cause officials to lock up & seize your trade or business. Thus, not getting a license not only brings with it legislative sanction but also causes problems in day to day operations.

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